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IA1 (1979) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Biographies, Contents, News Review
Michael Graves: Referential Design – Vacation House, Aspen, Colorado
Amos Rapoport: The Role of the Environment and the Interpretation of the Situation
Foster Associates: Urban Context – Hammersmith Centre Project, London
Agrest & Gandelsonas: Urban Fragments – Three Buildings in Buenos Aires
Agrest & Gandelsonas: On Practice
Ivor Indyk: Literary Theory and Architectural Practice – A Note on 'On Practice'
Gerald Blomeyer: Architecture as a Political Sign System
End Papers: Review of Books Number 1

IA2 (1979) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Biographies, Contents, News Review
Alvar Aalto: The Amphitheatre and the Mountain – Essen Opera House
Colin St John Wilson: Alvar Aalto and the State of Modernism
Frank Gehry: Suburban Changes – Architect's Own House, Santa Monica, California
O M Ungers: Urban Intervention – Supreme Court, Berlin, Germany
End Papers: Review of Books Number 2

IA3 (1980) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Biographies, Contents, News Review
Richard Meier: The Architecture of the Promenade – The Atheneum, New Harmony, Indiana
Richard Rogers: Architecture and the Programme – Lloyd's of London
Robin Middleton: Henri Labrouste
OMA: Urban Intervention – Dutch Parliament Extension, The Hague
End Papers: Review of Books Number 3

Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
Gavin Stamp: The English House 1860-1914 (Part 1)
Gavin Stamp: The English House 1860-1914 (Part 2)
Gavin Stamp: The English House 1860-1914 (Part 3)
Gavin Stamp: The English House 1860-1914 (Part 4)
Gavin Stamp: The English House 1860-1914 (Part 5)

IA4 (1981) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Biographies, Contents
Alvaro Siza: Guggenheim Transformation – DOM Headquarters (project), Germany
Andrew Metcalf: Graves, Koolhaas and Baird in Australia
Margot Griffin: Competition projects for the Irish Prime Minister's Residence, Dublin
Richard Reid: An English House for the 80s (project)
David Chipperfield: 1981 Karl Friedrich Schinkel Competition (project), Berlin
Rodrigo Perez de Arce: Transformations – The Urbanization of Runcorn, UK
Rodrigo Perez de Arce: Runcorn and the Paradox of the Plan
Demetri Porphyrios: Selected Aspects of Architecture and Philosophy in 18th-Century Theory
End Papers: Review of Books Number 4

IA5 (1981) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Biographies, Contents
News Review
Mario Botta: Modern Space, Function and Symbol – Hotel/Clinic, Ticino, Switzerland
Henri Ciriani: Modern Space, the Wall, and the Corner – La Courd'angle, Saint-Denis, Paris
David Chipperfield: Style or Pragmatism – Ciriani and Stirling Projects Contrasted
James Stirling: Investigation of an Urban Type – Apartments, New York
Robin Middleton: Auguste Choisy, Historian 1841-1909
End Papers: Review of Books

IA6 (1981) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Biographies, Contents
News Review
William Chaitkin: The Split Infinitives of Stanley Tigerman
Quinlan Terry: Classicism and the Vernacular – Frog Meadow, Dedham, UK
David Wild: British Architecture in the Age of Unreason
Richard Reid & Ralph Lerner: House for an Anglophile – Villa Vasone, Argentina
Martin Richardson: Pattern Book Design – English Housing and the Vernacular
Gavin Stamp: Sources of Traditionalism in British Architecture – The English House 1860-1914
Gavin Stamp: Lutyens' Deanery Garden – An English House for Country Life
Andrew Saint: The Secret Life of Grims Dyke, Harrow Weald

IA7 (1982) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Biographies, Contents
Piers Gough: Designing the Lutyens Exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, London
Terry Farrell: Contextualism for London Site – South Bank (project)
Francois Chaslin: Bomb on Moscow – Paris-Moscow Exhibition, Paris
Will Alsop: Quest for the Existential Building: Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London
Peter Davidson: Revealing the Artifice of Representation – Michael Graves' Wildlife Center, New Jersey
Colin St John Wilson: Mediation/Duality – Public Spaces of the New British Library, London
Colin St John Wilson: Two Letters on the State of Architecture – 1964 and 1981
End Papers: Review of Books

IA8 (1982) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Contents, Biographies
Robert Riddel: Stone Age Culture seeks Architectural Expression for National Identity
David Chipperfield: Kew Gardens Competition (project), London
Giorgios Simeoforidis: A Flavour of Modernity in Greek Architecture
Stuart Knight: Swedish Grace – Modern Classicism in Stockholm
Gunnar Asplund: Stockholm City Library, Scandia Cinema, Woodland Chapel
Carl Bergsten: Lijevalch Art Gallery, Stockholm
Ragnar Ostberg: Carl Eldh's Studio, Maritime Museum, Stockholm
Ivar Tengbom: Concert House, Swedish Match Company, School of Economics, Stockholm
Sigurd Lewerentz: Resurrection Chapel, Stockholm
Georg Nilsson: North Communal School, Stockholm
Erik Lallerstedt: Architect's House, Faculties of Law and Humanities, Stockholm
Gunnar Asplund: Our Architectonic Concept of Space
End Papers: Review of Books

IA9 (1982) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Pages: Biographies, Contents
End Papers: News Review
End Papers: Review of Books
Venturi and Rauch: Vernacular Layering – House in Delaware
Richard Pain: Venturi and Rauch – A Thematic Analysis
James Gowan: Detail, Traditionalism, and Modernity – House in Chester
James Gowan: On Details
Purini and Thermes: Symbolism and the Idea of Dwelling – House in Gibellina, Sicily
Peter Davidson: Drawing and Building
Richard Lorch: The Architectural Order of Sir John Soane's House
Wilfried Wang: The Symbolic Difference of New Regionalism

UIA1 (1983) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Letter from UIA President, Contents
Haig Beck: L'Architecture Nouvelle, France after 68 – Theory into Practice
TAU (Bernard Huet): Social Housing, Reims, France
Chemetov and Huidobro: Finance Ministries, Paris, France
Henri Gaudin: Social Housing, Arcueil, Paris, France
Devillers and Chemetov: Social Housing, Saint-Etienne, France
Henri Ciriani: Hospital Kitchen, Paris, France
Jean-Pierre Buffi: Apartments, Paris, France
Bernard Tschumi: Parc de la Villette – An Urban Park for the 21st Century, Paris, France
OMA: Parc de la Villette Competition – Hypothesis and Demonstration
Ricardo Bofill: Social Housing, Paris, France
Yves Lion: Law Courts, Draguignan, France
Alain Sarfati: Artisan Workshops, Plessis-la-Foret, France
Roland Simounet: Beach House, Corsica, France
Girard and Israel: Social Housing, Reims, France
Roland Castro: Social Housing at Hyeres, Exhibition Pavilion at Melun Senart, France
Jean-Claude Garcias: A Letter from Paris – The Nouveau Regime and Architecture
Kenneth Frampton: Review of Bernard Tschumi's 'Manhattan Transcripts'
End Papers: Biographies

UIA2 (1983) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Contents, Editorial
Haig Beck: The Madrid Guide
David Dunster: Madrid, Moneo and Type – An Introduction to the Arguments for Typology
Juan Miguel Hernandez Leon: The Impossibility of the School of Madrid
Estudio Dos: Housing Cooperative, Madrid, Spain
Vazquez de Castro & Iniguez: Fronton Court, Madrid, Spain
Julio Cano Lasso: Apartments, Madrid, Spain
Antonio Velez: Housing Cooperative, Madrid, Spain
Herreo & Aritio: House, Madrid, Spain
Moneo & Bescos: Bank. Madrid, Spain
Manuel & Ignacio de las Casas: Social Housing, Talaverna de la Reina, Spain
Julio Cano Lasso: Utopian Madrid – An Example for Other Cities
Junquera & Perez Pita: Social Housing & Avenida de la Illustracion, Madrid, Spain
Alberto Campo Baeza: University Gymnasium, Madrid, Spain
Ricardo Aroca: Condominiums, Madrid, Spain
Urban Planning in Madrid: 50 Ideas for the Recovery of Madrid
Juan Navarro: Restoration/Cultural Centre, Murcia, Spain
Jose Antonio Corrales: House, Madrid, Spain
Competition: Housing Typologies, Rioja, Spain
Javier Carvajal Ferrer: Office Building, Madrid, Spain
Francisco Saenz de Oiza: Bank, Madrid, Spain
End Papers: Review of two Madrid magazines – Arquitectura and El Croquis
End Papers: Biographies

UIA3 (1983) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Contents
Haig Beck & Jackie Cooper: The New Orleans Guide
Peter Carter: An Annotated Inventory of the Tower Buildings of Mies van der Rohe
Mies van der Rohe: Mansion House Square – A New Urban Piece for the City of London
Richard Padovan: Mies van der Rohe Reinterpreted
Sandra Honey: The Office of Mies van der Rohe in America – The Towers
Sandra Honey: The Office of Mies van der Rohe in America – Buildings and Projects
End Papers: Biographies, Editorial

UIA4 (1984) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Contents
Daryl Jackson: From Edge to Centre – Sense and Stylism in Current Australian Architecture
Philip Cox & Partners: House, Dural, NSW, Australia
Ian McDougall: House, Adelaide, SA, Australia
Garry Forward: Fire Station, Rokeby, Tas, Australia
Stapledon Architects: Office Building, Darwin, NT, Australia
Allen, Jack & Cottier: Parking Station, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Geof Nairn: Primary School, Thebarton, SA, Australia
Edmond & Corrigan: Resurrection School, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Morrice Shaw: House, Tuggerah, NSW, Australia
Glenn Murcutt: Museum, Kempsey, NSW, Australia
Lewin & Tzannes: House, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Victorian Ministry of Housing: Social Housing, Vic, Australia
National Capital Development Commission: Parliamentary Zone, Canberra, ACT, Australia
Ancher Mortlock & Woolley: Australian Archives, Canberra, ACT, Australia
Robin Gibson: Library and Plaza, Canberra, ACT, Australia
NCDC, Edwards Madigan Torzillo Briggs: Exhibition Centre & Sports Building, Canberra, ACT, Australia
Daryl Jackson: Swimming Pool, Canberra, ACT, Australia
Ancher Mortlock & Woolley: Police Headquarters, Canberra, ACT, Australia
Daryl Jackson: Office Building, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Lawrence Nield & Partners: Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Andrew Metcalf: House, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Harry Seidler & Associates: Office Building, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Korzeniewski & Desney: Kindergarten, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Gazzard & Partners: Resort Building, Dunk Island, Qld, Australia
John Dalton: University Hall of Residence, Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Richard Allom Architects: Shire Hall, Birdsville, Qld, Australia
Rex Addison: Architect's House, Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Jackie Cooper: Australia – A Brief Architectural History
Ivor Indyk: Robin Boyd and the Australian Suburb
End Papers: Biographies

UIA5 (1984) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Contents, Editorial, Biographies
Micha Bandini: Britain and its Diminished Urban Tradition
Giorgios Simeoforidis: The Fallacy of the Great Debate and the Anxiety of the Present
Francis Duffy: Patronage
E E Hollamby: Architecture in the Public Service – Rise and Decline Since 1945
Robin Middleton: Topsy-turvydom
Roy Landau: British Architecture – The Culture of Architecture: A Historiography of the Current Discourse
Sibel Dostoglu: Modernist Discourse
Sibel Dostoglu: Technological Discourse
Sibel Dostoglu: Historicist Discourse
RIBA Conference York 1984: The State of the Art – Conference Papers (Part 1)
RIBA Conference York 1984: The State of the Art – Conference Papers (Part 2)

UIA6 (1984) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Biographies, Contents
Alison and Peter Smithson: A Disposition to Observe – Second Arts Building, University of Bath
David Dunster: Vernacular, Pastiche, Modern? The Search for a Malaysian Architecture
Jackie Cooper: The Making of Malaysia – A Short History
Ken Yeang: Notes for a Critical Vernacular in Contemporary Malaysian Architecture
Laurence Loh: Penang Swimming Club, Malaysia
William Lim and Laurence Loh: Shopping Centres in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia
Penny Gurstein: Traditional Chinese Shophouses of Peninsular Malaysia
Lim Yuen Khiang: Inner-City Housing, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Various Architects: Office Building Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ken Yeang: Roof-Roof House, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Jimmy Lim: House, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Parid Wardi Sudin: Traditional Malay Houses of Peninsular Malaysia
PDCM-Yuncken Freeman: Cheras Town Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Various Architects: Housing, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Various Architects: Public Buildings, Malaysia
Abdul Halim Nasir: Mosques of Peninsular Malaysia
Ho Wai Ping: Development of Kuala Lumpur
Donald Hoppen: A Journey with Frank Lloyd Wright into Architecture
Donald Hoppen: Radial House, Berkeley, California, USA
Peter Davidson: The Usonian Vision and the Taliesin Fellowship – Notes from Frank Lloyd Wright's 'An Autobiography'

UIA7 (1985) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Editorial, Contents
Francisco Saenz de Oiza: Palacio de Festivales de Santander, Spain
Peter Stocks: Cairo 'Mother of Cities' 1400 Years of Architecture
E W Lane: The Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians
M Fouad: Historic Growth of Cairo and the Urban Pressures
Robert Ilbert: From Alexandria to Cairo 1830-1930
Bernard Maury: Bayt Zaynab Khatun – French Mission Restoration Project, Cairo
Alberto Meucci (and others): The Cairo Citadel – Conservation and Rehabilitation of the Historic Complex
Philipp Speiser: German-Egyptian Restoration Scheme, Cairo
Essam Safey Eldin: Cairene Facade Studies
Graham Jahn: Egyptology – An Architectural Bibliography
Dalu Jones: Provincial Architecture – Alexandria and the Delta
Wael Al-Masri: Al-Husayn District Proposal, Cairo
Abdel Wahed El-Wakil: Development of a Contemporary Islamic House Type
Hassan Fathy: UIA's First Gold Medalist
Graham Jahn: Islamic Cairo 876-1857
Graham Jahn: Aswan and Abu Simbel
Graham Jahn: Index to Monuments in Cairo by Type
Leon Krier: The Reconstruction of the European City – An Outline for a Charter
End Papers: Biographies

UIA8 (1985) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Contents, Editorial
Keith Murray: House, Harare, Zimbabwe
Herbert Baker: Union Buildings, Pretoria, South Africa
Munnik Visser Black Fish: Parliamentary Precinct, Cape Town, South Africa
Revel Fox and Partners: Siseko Educare Centre, Guguletu, Cape Town, South Africa
Hattingh Ball de Klerk: Office Building, Pretoria, South Africa
Uytenbogaardt & Rozendal: Community Centre, Steinkopf, South Africa
Iain Low of TSRP Architects: Schools Programme, Lesotho
Peter Hancock: Markets in Leribe and Butha-Buthe, Lesotho
Househam, McPherson Henderson: Centre for Accounting Studies, Maseru, Lesotho
City of Cape Town Architects: Beach Pavilion, Strandfontein, South Africa
Roberts and Loebenberg: Office Building, Cape Town, South Africa
Norman Eaton: Anderssen House, Pretoria, South Africa
Stanley Saitowitz: House, Johannesburg, South Africa
Fassler-Kamstra and Holmes: Two Verandahed Houses, Transvaal, South Africa
Llew Bryan and Jon Mehl: Housing, Mmabatho, Bophuthatswana, South Africa
Bannie Britz & Michael Scholes: Secretariat, Mmabatho, Bophuthatswana, South Africa
Adams Jackson Moore: Direct Labour Programme, Zimbabwe
Jo Noero: Church, White City, Soweto, South Africa
BDG Swaziland: Railworkers' Village, Mpaka, Swaziland
Hallen Theron & Partners: Mangosuthu Technikon, Umlazi, Natal, South Africa
John Rushmere: Holiday Houses, Cape St Francis, South Africa
Johnson Murray: House, Durban, South Africa
Lance Smith: House, Westville, South Africa
Barrie Biermann: Architect's House, Durban, South Africa
Gabriel Fagan: Architect's House, Camp Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Meyer Pienaar and Partners: Civic Centre, Krugersdorp, South Africa
Various Architects: Office Buildings, Johannesburg, South Africa
Montgomerie Oldfield Kirby: Student Hostel, Lusaka, Zambia
Erhard Lorenz: University Chapel, Lusaka, Zambia
Barrie Biermann: An Introduction to South African Architectural History
Hans Hallen: Aspects of Black Housing
Daniel Theron: Some Issues in Architectural Education in South Africa
D Dewar and R S Uytenbogaardt: Urbanisation and City Management – The Case of South Africa
End Papers: Biographies

UIA9 (1985) Contents     Click button to view thumbnails of pages  
End Papers: Contents
Graham Jahn: The Jerusalem Guide
Arie Shacher: The Built Environment of Israel
Natan Harpaz and Michael Levin: 20th-Century Architecture in Palestine and Israel – 1920-80
Graham Jahn: Sources of Modernism in Israel
Ami Shinar: From Urbanism to Anti-Urbanism and Back
Karmi Associates: Development Plan, Acre, Israel
Ya'ar Architects: Development Plan, North Jerusalem, Israel
A and E Sharon: Nursing School, Tzrifin, Israel
Esther Niv-Krendel, Peter Bugod, Eunice Figueiredo: Restoration in Jerusalem
Kolker, Kolker, Epstein: Townhouses, Jerusalem, Israel
Karmi Architects: House, Tel Aviv, Israel
Kader Architects: House, Upper Galilee, Israel
David Cassuto: Jerusalem in the Latter 19th Century
Natan Harpaz: Tel Aviv – Bauhaus City on the Sands
Silvina Sosnovsky and Gilbert Herbert: Haifa – A Short History of its Architectural Development
Michael Turner: Conservation in Israel
Avraham Ehrlick: Kibbutz
Armstrong & Chipperfield: Three Projects, London, UK
Cullum & Nightingale: House in Hampstead, London, UK
Corrigan, Soundy, Kilaiditi: Housing, Elephant Lane, Rotherhithe, London, UK
Greenhill & Jenner: Two Projects, London, UK
De Martino & Wall: Trafalgar Square Project, London, UK
Coates & Branson: Metropole Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan